Under Joanna's mentorship, I have gained a greater understanding of who I am in Christ and a stronger relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I feel secure in my God-given identity, armed for spiritual battle, and equipped to discern Kingdom dreams and visions. Filled with the Holy Sprit and with Jesus by my side, I am so much more confident and excited to walk into the future God has for me. - Nikolette 

I have just finished JBM KINGDOM mentorship with Apostle Beck. First, if you are even contemplating being a part of this mentorship it is definitely not by chance or a coincidence. God has something to give you and He uses Apostle Beck to deliver it to you. I have grown so much spiritually since joining the program. Apostle Beck gives you biblically sound advice on spiritual and personal aspects of everyday life.  Through this mentorship roots of un-forgiveness, rejection, and abandonment were uncovered and uprooted so that I could begin to grow again. - Shavon


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