Joanna beck

"When God delivers you from evil, don't keep in touch."

What is deliverance?
1. Deliverance is the expulsion of a bad spirit from a place, person or thing.
2. Deliverance is to break the chains of wickedness.
3. Deliverance is the destruction of satanic yokes. A yoke is something that ties two things together and the movement of one depends the cooperation the other. If one decides to be slow or sluggish, it means that the other one cannot move ahead.
4. Deliverance is removal of curses and spells.
6. Deliverance is removing witchcraft from peoples lives. Witches put curses and spells on people and they do not know it.
8. Deliverance is uprooting evil seeds planted by the enemy. The enemy is an expert in planting evil seeds in a persons life. Such as rejection and abandonment. 
10. Deliverance is release from evil attachment. Many people are being controlled from afar and do not know it they just feel stuck.