Even the most accomplished and influential people have personal struggles that stunt their growth and hinder their effectiveness. No matter what season of life you feel you are in, unresolved issues of your life may require healing and if neglected can result in setbacks in your personal and professional life. 

These calls include techniques for renewing your mind with truth and declarations, breaking free from wrong expectations and shame, walking through forgiveness, the release and renewal, recognizing rebellion, setting healthy boundaries, using discernment, protection, self discipline, self care, your true identity, finding and walking in your purpose.

Joanna's approach is compassionate and straightforward. She is passionate about helping people reach their fullest potential. She possesses a thorough understanding of human behaviors and is skilled at assisting people in identifying and resolving underlying issues that may be blocking their progress. She excels at helping individuals create a solid foundation for personal growth and transformation.

Joanna's goal is to empower you to spiritually, personally, and professionally walk in your purpose, identity, and potential. She has helped women and men from all over the world discover their purpose and walk in alignment.

With a unique and diverse approach, including powerful strategies she will help you achieve personal breakthroughs and long lasting transformation. Including:

- Uncovering and addressing blind spots and limiting beliefs that may hinder your personal growth and healing, bringing clarity, no longer feeling stuck, overlooked and neglected.
- Identifying and resolving unhealthy relational dynamics within your family, friendships, and other relationships. 
- Overcoming any negative and/or limiting beliefs about God that may be holding you back.
- Breaking free from cycles of shame and guilt, addictions including such as pornography addiction, substance abuse, overspending, overeating and many more.
- Achieving freedom through deliverance from the things that are holding you back.
- Providing you with insight, wisdom, and the guidance you need to partner with God in your life and fulfill your Kingdom assignment. 

No matter who you are sometimes a breakthrough is all you need to achieve your full potential. Joanna recognizes that your personal growth can profoundly impact your life and those around you. 


One-Time Freedom Session
Available for both men and women
- One-time Zoom call session includes wise counsel, prayer, deliverance (if needed), strategy, and mentoring. 
- Discover issues you may or may not be aware of that can hinder your breakthrough
- A questionnaire will be sent to you and must be completed before your appointment time is set.
- Plan on 1 hr +
- $275 tax-deductable

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